New Round of Losses for The Crypto Market, Bitcoin Still On Top

Monday brought in a new round of losses for both Bitcoin and most major altcoins today.

  • Crypto market on the reds and testing support
  • Bitcoin dropping but dominance on a new 7-month high
  • Altcoins still haven’t recovered

Bitcoin is making a correction and is now changing hands at $5689 with a loss of -1.68%. During the early Asian trading session, it was trading over $5700 before pulling back to its current price. Its dominance remains at an all-time high at 55.7%. Its currently leaning on a technical bearish trend. This is the second day that Bitcoin has been dropping prices after a phenomenal growth last week. The market capitalization remains over $100 Billion and the trading volume is a touch below $15 Billion.

Bitcoin chart 05/06/2019

Ethereum which has been bearish for two days now was seen recovering at $165 during the early hours of the Asian trading session but fell back again to its current price at $163.86. It has gained a minimal 0.27% though and is anticipating more gains ahead of Bitcoin. The second biggest coin in the market cap list is ahead by $4.8 Billion against XRP which has been tailing with more losses today at $0.299 and a loss of -1.08% on the day.

Ethereum Chart 05/06/2019

The rest of the Top 10 remains red with Binance Coin on the lead. BNB lost -3.81% on the day to trade at $22.00. Litecoin has likewise dumped a bit with a -3.77% loss.

Top 100 Crypto Market Movers

The Top 25 has one coin going against the trend. TRON is on the green with a marginal 0.93% gain on the day.

The rest are all red with Basic Attention Token dumping -6.01%, and Chain along with Cosmos are both at 4% losses on the day.

Down the Top 100 where the usual biggest market moves are, the assets are mostly red with a few sprinkling of marginal greens. Loopring holds the honor of being the biggest mover on the upside at 9.27% gain while Maximine Coin -our serial pump and dump asset is now at a loss of -19.91%.

Anyhow, this is today’s market recap to give you a glimpse of what happened on the crypto markets while you were sleeping. Trade safe, and have a great Friday!

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