Saturday Remains Strong For Crypto Market Despite A Small Pullback, Cosmos Still Ramping Up

Saturday pushed for more gains on the crypto market as the bears tirelessly climbed for even better 2019 highs. There’s has been a slight pullback during the past hours though, and the crypto-board is on the reds as short-term traders take home their gains.


The market capitalization is currently at $184.2 Billion, $2 Billion less than yesterday, and the trading volume also dived a bit at $52.2 Billion. The BTC dominance remains at a 2019 high at 55.5%. Despite the seeming drop, the crypto markets have not reached this level since November of 2019.


Bitcoin reached upwards to the $5880 range at some point before dropping to its current price at $5785.60 of with a minimal loss of -0.18% for the past 24 hours. The market capitalization is still steady at $102.3 Billion. On a macro view, this rally has been ongoing after its initial quick start in April. If Bitcoin continues the uptrend despite the weekend low volume, the next resistance is now at $6000 as the Bitcoin bulls previously predicted. On the downside, the initial support is at $5640, the former weekly/monthly high.



Ethereum pulled back to $165 today and lost -1.85% on the day. Despite the bullish moves of its big brother, Ethereum has not gotten past its major resistance and continues to be weak against the $170 resistance. XRP is also moving on the same lines and has lost -1.44% on the day. It is trading at $0.305 from yesterday’s $0.310. In order to get out of its rut, it needs to get stronger and get past $0.31.



The Top 10 is now on marginal reds after a solid performance during the Asian trading session. EOS is the biggest loser with a drop of -2.76%, followed by Cardano and Binance Coin both at a loss of -2.24%. The rest is all flat with 0-1% loss on the day.


The Top 20 is also experiencing a pullback during the past hours with a few stronger coins still green. Cosmos is still at it with a new 4.65% gain on the day to reach $5.15. Monero is still green but only just so, as the rest are dropping into the red zone. Maker and basic Attention Token both lost 4+%, while Tezos and Neo lost 3% both. The rest are at 0-2% at the time of this writing.


Down the Top 100, there are no ongoing pumps or dumps at the moment and most assets are having minimal losses.



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