Top 100 Coins Almost Unmoving, Crypto Market Enters Consolidation Phase

The crypto markets are calm as still waters as it continues to build on yesterday’s gains. However, the lines are flat and not much movement was detected for the past 24 hours. The crypto board is green and in a consolidation phase.


Total market capitalization has spiked a bit for the past hours to move to $176.8 Billion but for the better part of the day, it remained stuck at $175 Billion. The trading volume is down to almost $42 Billion, dropping from yesterday’s $46.6 Billion. The BTC dominance is up by a minuscule amount at 54.5% but says a bit how Bitcoin is still today’s top dog and altcoins need to catch up.


Bitcoin closed higher and is currently trading at $5449.85 from yesterday’s $5382, earning 1.27% on the way. The past 24-hour volume has slid back a bit at $13.6 Billion. Continuing up, its new resistance is at the last monthly high at $5658 while it is strongly supported at $5269.



Ethereum is stuck at $161 resistance, earning 0.18% on the day to trade at $161.57. Interestingly, the asset remains weakened even as its big brother continues to be positive and a stream of good news regarding the asset abounds with a nod from both Amazon and (Elon Musk?). Should go upside, the next resistance is at $164.50 while the support is at $155.50. XRP has pulled back -0.22% on the day to trade at $0.304. This coin is facing a heavy resistance at $0.31 and in a far worse situation than Ethereum.



The Top 10 continues to be green although there’s been almost no movement on the Top 10. Bitcoin Cash is still the leading green with a 2.55% gain to trade at $276.84. Binance Coin has overtaken Litecoin in terms of gains. It has gained 1.76% to trade at $22.26. The rest is under 1% and unmoved from yesterday.


The Top 25 is likewise on the same picture from yesterday. The third day after its Binance listing, Cosmos is still flying with a 4.23% gain on the day. Dash and Monero follow with a 3% gain and the rest are at 0-1% green except for Ethereum Classic which has lost -1.51% on the day.


Down the Top 100, today is one of the rare days when there are no double-digit pumps or dumps ongoing. It testament to the so-called lazy day, BitTorrent is the biggest gainer at 5.19% and Ravencoin is the biggest loser at -4.99% loss on the day.


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