Crypto Markets Still Trading Sideways, Volatility Wound Up And Ready To Spring

The crypto market is still trading sideways and Monday did not wake it up. The weekend saw a pretty lazy crypto board, hardly moving from its Friday levels. Though there were clear winners during the weekend, most were moving is very constricted ranges. Today, the board remains underwhelmingly low, volatility wise.


For the entire weekend, the total market capitalization seemed stuck at $171 Billion and this morning at the Asian trading session was no different. But it has been dipping during the last hours and is currently at $17.5 Billion. The trading volume is higher by $2 Billion today at $39.9 Billion. The Bitcoin dominance is back to Friday’s level at 54.7% and the consolidation continues.


Bitcoin has not been playing well and keeps getting rejected at $5300. At the time of this writing, it is trading at $5283 with a loss of -0.26%. It is in a very small channel for now as the bulls seem to be losing momentum after protecting its gains from the past week. Most of the market is waiting for confirmation on where this level could be headed.



After recovering earlier in the day, Ethereum dropped to $156 again and has been going weaker as the day pans out. At the time of this writing, it has lost -1.49% and looks to be already going down. There’s nothing new on XRP which seems to be stuck at $0.29 for now. It has lost -0.40% on the day and has been the most non-volatile coin on the Top 10 for the past 3 days.



The Top 10 dropped back to the reds after a marginal green this Sunday. Bitcoin Cash is the biggest loser after dropping to $247.52 with a -6.82% loss. It has moved back to the 4th position on the market cap list, yielding its position to EOS. Litecoin has gone bearish and also got hit by a red bus at -3.47% loss on the day, followed by Cardano at -3.13% loss. The rest are at 0-2% loss and going redder at the time of this writing.


The Top 25 is mixed with most on the reds and a few greens on the list. IOTA is the news at the moment after shooting up to the moon with a 13.41% gain following a big partnership with a car dealer. It has reached $0.31 earlier before pulling back to its current price at $0.307. Maker is in good company with a 6.31% gain on the day. The rest is on the reds with Ontology dumping after a good performance yesterday. It has lost -7.44% to trade back at $1.07. Ontology is followed by VeChain with a loss of -5.06%.

Down the Top 100, Monacoin has gotten back our attention, pumping at 11.15% after about a week out of the pump list. The Japanese coin is now trading at $1.04 with an 11.15% gain. ODEM is still taking its gains higher with a new 9.57% added on its price since yesterday. The education-based token is now trading at $0.264 from yesterday’s $0.234. There are still no double-digit dumps today and Ravencoin flies down as the biggest loser with an -8.71% dump, followed by WAX with -8.21% loss on the day.


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