Crypto Market Back To The Greens, Altcoins Recovering This Weekend

After the Bitfinex vs New York Attorney General’s Office fiasco, the crypto market trading has settled down this weekend. Throughout the Asian trading session, the market was still lagging but is now recovering and altcoins are already greening in the crypto-board.


The market capitalization is now at $170.8 Billion, hardly moving from yesterdays drop which might be food news considering that there were no further drops. The 24-hour volume has dropped to $44.5 Billion, back to Thursday’s level before the drop. The Bitcoin dominance has dropped a bit in favor of the altcoins at 54.5%.


Bitcoin has closed lower today and is currently trading at $5268.10 with a -0.41% loss. The weekend could be a test for its initial support at $5200. Below this price, things can go south quickly, heading for $5100 initially and next support level at $4860. On the upside, the resistance is at $5333. The volume is still strong at $14.3 Billion and despite the combo bad news on Friday and weekend volume, Bitcoin has remained on a tight range between $5200 and $5300. That it was able to protect most of its recent gains is a signal for another consolidation. 



Ethereum has entered a bearish scenario and is currently at support range. It has gained 0.70% on the day to trade at $156.45. At this price, the next resistance is at $162 and the next support is at $151. Should it hit this price, it could very well drop as fast to $142. Meanwhile, XRP is still below $0.30 and is currently trading at $0.297. Still, it has earned better on the day with a 1.86% gain.



Only EOS is the only decent green today on the Top 10 as it continues to decline since yesterday’s drop. EOS has gained 1.45% on the day to trade at $4.73. Cardano at Litecoin are only marginally positive. Binance Coin was set back -2.80% on the day to trade at $22.51. Bitcoin Cash follows with a -1.47% loss to trade at $263.50.


The Top 25 is performing better with a 1-3% gain for the majority. Tezos is on a run after almost a week of reds. It has gained 9.76% on the day and is exchanging hands at $1.23. Meanwhile, Ontology is also back on the better performers list with a 7.95% gain on the day. Only Basic Attention Token is still on the reds and is currently at -0.99% loss on the day.


Down the Top 100, DigixDAO has surged on rumors of partnership and has been flying on golden wings with a today with a 26.62% gain. It is followed by WAX with a 16.68% gain on the day to trade at 16.68%. There have been no huge dumps today with only Reddcoin shedding the highest at -4.04%. The rest are mostly green with gains up to 9%.

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